Profession in the field of Web Application Development

There are many varieties in the Professions in the field of Information Technology, what professions are in the web development environment? The following are the professions directly involved in the development of web applications, including:

– Web Designer
A web designer is the one who responsible for defining the display of a website. His job was to design the look of the site (web) ranging from image processing, layout, color, and all the visible aspects of the site.

– Web Programmer
Web programmer in charge of doing coding or programming a website to make it dynamic, so that the web where they can be seen easily for a web admin.

– Web Administrator
His job is to maintenance a server, understand the server operating system, be it from installation through to problems (troubleshooting).

– Web Master
A webmaster is one who understands all these things ranging from design, program and server security.

– Web Developer
The above activities as a whole are called a team called Web Developer. Web Developer provides assistance such as web consultancy.

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