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Treat the Whole Patient, Not Just the Injury

Athletic Trainers’ Influence on National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Athletes’ Basic Psychological Needs During Sport Injury RehabilitationBejar MP, Raabe J, Zakrajsek RA, Fisher LA, Clement D. J Athl Train, 2019. Text Freely AvailableTake Home Message:An athlete’s overall motivation during rehabilitation of an athletic injury is enriched when their psychological needs of competence, autonomy, and relatedness are met. Athletic Trainers have the unique ability to foster these needs while treating an injured athlete.Many athletes will have negative thoughts and experiences during injury recovery, which may adversely affect their motivation and willingness to adhere to rehabilitation protocols. An athlete’s ability to be motivated during injury rehabilitation relies on 3 psychological needs during the recovery process: 1.  competence = “successfully performing tasks and adapting to the demands of the environment” 2.  autonomy  = “having meaningful input into decisions and acting in accordance with one’s values” 3.  relatedness = “feeling connected, valued, and accepted by important” peopleHowever, we poorly understand how an injured athlete thinks an athletic trainer (AT) can influence their motivation and psychological needs during the rehabilitation process. Therefore, the authors conducted interviews with 10 NCAA Division I athletes (7 females) who had sustained an injury (<1 year prior to interview) that resulted in…